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Dwengo Helvetica is a non-profit Swiss association. Our goal is to spread the passion for science and technology among young people and adults without a technical or scientific background. We organize interdisciplinary activities merging robotics, electronics, computer programming, physics, math, and art.


We are always testing innovative ways of teaching and communicating science to heterogeneous groups of people. Customized education to fit any student!


Dwengo is a movement based in a set of core values that shape our vision and guide our work: early scientific education will help to make a better world, knowledge should be free, share with every human being, openness, transparency and diversity.


Dwengo has been in many places: Argentina, Belgium, The Netherlands, India and more.


We have organized many projects and we want to continue doing so.


Check out these amazing pics and find more about our projects.



Join us

We dream of a Dwengo made up of hundreds of thousands of people who collectively provide impetus to the movement.

Everybody can help!


I am a teacher. What can I do?


You can start your own Dwengo movement in your school. If your school already has a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program contact us to see how Dwengo can fit into it. If your school does not have a STEM program, we can help you setting one up. Contact us!


I am a hobbyist. Can I participate?


Participate by uploading your projects and tutorials to our website. You can also start a local Dwengo workshop in your neighborhood, we can help you doing that.


I am a student. Is there something I could do?


Students are at the core of Dwengo. Share the site with your classmates and ask your teachers to include Dwengo projects in your curricula. You can start your own Science/Technology/Robotics club with a couple of classmates. Also, keep in touch using our forum, so you are aware of the latest students events we are organizing.


I am member of a foundation or non-profit organization. Can we team up?


Building up an international network of organizations with a compatible vision is crucial to increase the Dwengo reach. All our material is open and you can use it. Test it and do contact us if you think we can work together.


If you have questions or want to get in touch with us, feel free to send us a message using this box. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


Dwengo Helvetica is located in the city of Zürich, Switzerland. However we have contacts in many places. We are an international group and we understand English, German and Spanish. Do not hesitate to ask.





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